Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Stress Response

            WELCOME to The Stress Response blog !

I am writing this blogger for you, to understand nature of stress, mechanism of stress response(stress process) and way how to copy, cure, solve stress situation or treatment (stress management).

             INTRODUCTION The Stress Response

Stress is Biological, Natural and Medical condition.
In ordinary life, we have stress every day:
-Sometimes we do not notice stress, because we have adaptive mechanism or stress is not present.
-Sometimes Stress is too strong and/or happens too long, or we are very weak.

When The Stress Response start, time is for action (fight or flight,...)
That action we can learn like Stress Management, Anti-Stress, Stress Problem Solving, Stress Treatment,...

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Write ( for free) about your successful stress management, and we will attach it on our blog, as example of successful stress management:
    Notice !
It is very import to understand the stress mechanism (stress response) and use stress management every day, because this is the best health and life insurance.

This blog does not respond for your personal health. If you have health problem, you need to contact some specialist. Blog is free, not for malicious behavior or copy.

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